Applications: Generally used in all such kind of motors(water pumps, water coolers, refrigerators) which need initial torque during startup phase, and disconnects when motor reaches near to its predetermined speed. Other uses are in coupling, DC blocking and bypass circuits.

Container: Thermoplastic case (Blue colour).

Encapsulation Material:  Processed Bitumen with melting point 100°C.

Standard: IEC 60252-2, EIA 463-B

Rated Voltage*: 220 ~ 275 VAC

Capacitance Range*: 80 to 110 µF, 138 to 182 µF, 200 to 250 µF, 250 to 300 µF, 300 to 400 µF, 400 to 450 µF, 450 to 500 µF.

Rated Frequency*: 50/60 Hz

(*Custom designs are welcome)


CONSTRUCTION: These capacitors are made up of formed and etched Aluminum foil with electrical grade press pan paper. Precise and high speed computerized machines are used for this purpose.Winded elements are encapsulated in asphalt and housed in Aluminum cans, covered with electrical grade heat shrink sleeve.


CAPACITANCE RANGE 80-110 µF, 138-182 µF, 200-250 µF, 250-300µF, 300-350µF, 350-400µF, 450-500µF.
OPERATING VOLTAGE 220~275 Volts.(Other voltage rating are also available on request)
TOLERANCE 0% to +20%. For other capacitance tolerances please inquire.
CAN MATERIAL Round can made up of Thermoplastic case.
CAN SIZE Diameter =35mm; Height = variable for different ratings.
ENCAPSULATION Bitumen with 100°C.
SLEEVE COLOR Blue color, for other colors please inquire
FREQUENCY 25/70/21 Hz
STANDARDS IEC 60252-2. EIA, 463-B We follow IEC 60252-2 (2013-08) for manufacturing and type test confirmation.
TESTING CYCLES  Complete 10,000 (ON for 3 Sec & OFF 177 Sec)
PRESSURE RELIEF VENT Pressure relief vent is provided that protects capacitor against burst. There will be no damage to the case or sign of fire or explosion.
TERMINATION Thimble type, Single tag also available.

Duplex 5.1mm quick connect tags for all sizes.

Triplex 5.1mm quick connect tags for can diameters over 35mm.

Wire termination also available.

Design Sizes

Capacitance µF 220~275V
D(mm) H(mm) A(mm)
80~110µF 40 86 12.0
138~182µF 49 86 12.0
200~250µF 49 86 12.0
250~300µF 49 86 12.0
300~400µF 49 86 12.0
400~450µF 49 86 12.0
450~500µF 49 86 12.0
400~500µF 49 86 18.0


Catalog Formation

1st & 2nd Position SC Start Capacitor
3rd and 4th position PP /RB  Plastic Cap / Rubber Bakelite Cap
5th, 6th and 7th position Voltage Code (for local if two voltage ratings are available we will write the maximum W.V.) (For export only one W.V. are written in printing)
8, 9, 10 & 11th Position Initial Capacitance
12 &13th Position 01-Aluminum Body with Sleeve 02-Plastic Body 03-Plastic Body with Aluminum Cans inside
14th Position Terminations Code

Example: Start Capacitor 80~110µF, 275V, plastic body, PP cap with terminal. Catalog No. SC PP 275 0080 02 S (SCPP275008002S)