Over the years, AMBER has participated in various International and National exhibitions. This shows the confidence we have in our products and personnel. At every exhibition, our products and booth were very well-received, and we made an excellent impression. It is part of our policy not to stay confined, but to reach out to the whole world.. both to educate and learn.


List of Exhibitions Attended

DateName of ExhibitionLocation
11-13 April,2019HVAC – R Egypt ExpoCairo, Egypt
22-24 January,2018AHR Expo 2018Chicago, IL, USA
25-27 January,2016AHR Expo 2016Orlando, FL, USA
26-28 January,2015AHR Expo 2015Chicago, IL, USA
9-11 October, 2013South Africa ElectricityJohannesburg, South Africa
17-19 February,2013Middle East Electricity, 2013U.A.E.
28-30 January, 2013AHR Expo 2013Dallas, TX, USA
23-25 January, 2012AHR Expo 2012Chicago, IL, USA
25-27 January, 2010AHR Expo 2010Orlando, FL, USA
26-28 January, 2009AHR Expo 2009Chicago, IL, USA
29-31 January, 2007AHR Expo 2007Dallas, TX, USA
24-28 April, 2006Hannover MesseGermany
23-25 January, 2006AHR Expo 2006Chicago, IL, USA
7-9 February, 2005AHR Expo 2005Orlando, FL, USA
26-28 January, 2004AHR Expo 2004Anaheim, CA, USA
27-29 January, 2003AHR Expo 2003Chicago, IL, USA
14-16 January, 2002AHR Expo 2002Atlantic City, NJ, USA
29-31 January 2001AHR Expo 2001Atlanta, GA, USA
7-9 February, 2000AHR Expo 2000Dallas, TX, USA
6-10 April, 1997Saudi Elenex 97Riyadh – Saudi Arabia