Design & Development

AMBER capacitor is a specialty manufacturer of a large range of capacitor for different applications. In view of advancement in science and technology ACL has established the Design & Development Center in 2008 with a total of 4 experience engineers. D&D center of AMBER comprises of 4 sub sections Research, Design, Testing and Development. Since the establishment of D&D facility, it has been continuously improving the existing products and making new products for the customer requirements and expectation. Other goal of D&D is the sourcing of new materials, development of technical literature for AMBER, sourcing of machinery, development of small scale testing/manufacturing equipment, in-house design of all capacitor range. Main aim for D&D is to develop quality product through continuous research on the product and process. D&D lab of AMBER can conduct all type of tests required by the customer and specified by the International standards.

AMBER uses the advanced machinery and testing equipment for the research, prototyping, testing and development purposes. D&D Center includes Harmonic Analyzer, Precision component analyzer, Withstand voltage tester, Viscometer, Resistivity Meter, Thermal imager, Thickness coating measurement meter, small scale microscope, Thermal chambers, tension meters, Destruction Tester as per IEC 60252-I, Continuous type reliability (life) tester as per IEC 60252-I, & IEC 60831 I&II, AC switching type reliability (life) tester as per JIS C-4908 and IEC 60252-II. DC switching type reliability life tester as per IEC 60831 I&II and a complete testing facility for appliance based testing of capacitors. AMBER has equipped its D&D facility with best international prototyping techniques, testing equipment and development sources, so as to make its product competitive

Our lab prototypes and tests new products by following different international manufacturing and testing standards. We carefully study customer requirements andsuggest possible design by keeping in view the optimized performance and cost. We follow IEC, JIS, UL, and EIA standards for testing.


Our lab is also prototyping and testing new products by following different international manufacturing and testing standards. We carefully study customer requirements, suggest possible design by keeping in view the optimize performance and cost. We are following IEC, JIS, UL, and EIA standards for testing of capacitor.

Our lab is carrying thermal chambers, test banks and chokes for the relaibility testing, precison component analyzers for specified parameters, Sealing test equipmenst for sealing leakage test, test bansk for internal charge devices test of final product. We are also carrying high voltage test equipment for testing of capacitors.


We are having Digital harmonic analyzer to check the prototype performance of Power factor banks to ensure perform THD, transient and harmonic analysis on prototype product in order to ensure the product performance.


Our Laboratory is carrying out tests on MBOPP film, polypropylene film, containers, flexible wires/terminals, supporting kernels, filling resins, oil to verify raw material compliance to specific suppliers. All of these type tests are performing as per IEC and JIS standards.

Our Laboratory also works for advancement of raw materials and selection of best suppliers for new machinery and equipment. We develop new test banks and control techniques for testing and prototyping.