Quality Control

Finest example of AMBER quality is our capacitors – leading in PAKISTAN and having the good will around the globe. In more than 25 years of history, we have well equipped winding, assembly, in-process testing and quality control processes. In order to meet customer needs and maintain quality, we have developed the quality system procedures by following different international standards (e.g. ISO, IEC, UL, EIA, IEEE and BS etc.). Thanks to our valued customer and suppliers for their valuable feedback to identify and develop advanced quality procedures to face market evolution and meet customer needs. This is not possible without the valuable feedback from our customers, dedication and hard work of AMBER team and our suppliers.

Since the start of AMBER

More than 50 including 2 experienced engineers.

 Inspection of Raw materials, Thermal Treatment, Sorting, Clearance, In process physical inspection, Capacitance Measurement, D.F. measurement, Withstand Voltage Testing, Sealing Test, Discharge Resistors Testing, Overvoltage Testing, Electrical and physical properties testing of all raw materials, Final inspection of Finished Product.

AMBER Quality control instruments are sourced from UK, America, Germany and China. For quantity verification and controlling purpose, AMBER is using Tunnel conveyor system. For capacitance sorting (with in and out of tolerance), using automated capacitance measurement system with hi-tech alarm system.