Series FD

DESIGN / CONSTRUCTIONAMBER Series FD Two Phase capacitors in ‘Resin Encapsulated – Dry Type’ design are manufactured out of modules made of Low Loss Self-Healing Metallized Polypropylene Film encapsulated in resin. The modular construction allows repair / maintenance of the assembly at the component level.

DISCHARGE RESISTORSFitted to reduce the residual voltage from peak voltage to 50V or less within 5 minutes of switch-off.

COOLING: Air cooled self-ventilation type AN.

TERMINATION: Plated Brass Terminals, M12, to withstand maximum torque of 15.5Nm

HOUSING: Electrostatically Powder Coated MS sheet, 1 mm.


SPECIFICATIONS  IEC 60110-1(1998-06), IEC 60110-2(2000-02), UL 810
Lower Category temperature: -25°C
Upper Category temperature: 40°C
CAPACITANCE TOLERANCE ± 5% & ±10% (other tolerances available on request)
RATED VOLTAGES 880, 1320 VAC (Other Voltages on request)
RATED FREQUENCIES 50 Hz (60Hz on request)
LOSSES Less than 0.8 W / kVAr
CONTINUOUS OVER-VOLTAGE The capacitors shall not be operated at terminal voltage exceeding the rated voltage.
MAXIMUM POSSIBLE VOLTAGE 1.05 x rated voltage of 1 hour per day
MAXIMUM POSSIBLE CURRENT 1.25 x rated voltage of 1 hour per day
TEST VOLTAGE Between terminals: 2.15 Un AC for 10 seconds
Between terminals and case: 3 kV, for 10 seconds

WARNING: Capacitor replacement may be hazardous since residual voltage may be present across the capacitor terminals. Always discharge capacitors by short-circuiting the terminals with an insulated wire, even though discharge resistors may have been provided.

ATTENTION: Capacitors covered by this catalog comply with international standards such as IEC, VDE, BS, EN, UL etc. It is the user’s responsibility to take utmost care both in the selection of capacitors for a particular usage, and their correct installation. AMBER shall not be liable for any consequential damages occurring for any reasons what-so-ever.

NOTE: Due to continuous research and development in our technology, the data and sizes given in this catalog may be changed without prior notice.

Please reconfirm the dimensions with AMBER if this information is crucial for your application.

Please contact AMBER for your requirements of non-standard working voltages, capacitance values, container dimensions, lead-lengths, tolerances, etc.


100 kVAr 880V 50Hz FD0881000A
90 kVAr 1320V 50Hz FD1320900A
100 kVAr 1320V 50Hz FD1321000A