CEO Message

Thank you for visiting our Site and showing interest in Amber.

Amber has been manufacturing top quality capacitors since 1990. Amber was set up on one principal: to make the highest quality product, and to give its customers value for money. Always be honest with our employees, and our customers, and to stand by what we comitt with them.

This committment has blessed us with loyalty.. both from our Customers and our Employees. We have been working with many customers for more than 20 years now, and we can’t thank them enough.

We are fortunate to have the best team of employees. Everyone from the lowest rung on the ladder to the top has full loyalty and sense of responsibility towards the company. We can’t thank them enough as well.

In order to demonstrate our passion about quality, we obtained ISO9001 certification in 2000. Our capacitors are also approved from Underwriter’s Laboratories, USA. This UL approval has worked wonders to boost our exports in US influenced markets.

Our capacitors are also dominating the markets in the Middle East, particularly Kuwait. The main reason is that our as our capacitors are specially designed for this region, they are able to withstand the extreme temperatures much better than other brands.

The quality starts at Raw Material stage. As most of our raw-materials are imported, we have very stringent qualifying procedures for those materials. Only the materials performing at the highest level are chosen by our Engineering Department for production.

We pay special attention to Research and Development (R&D). Our R&D department is always active in testing out new materials and technology, in addition to verifying our raw materials and procedures.

We are a progressive company. We always look to the future. We are always planning ahead.. production area expansion, manpower enhancement, technology enhancement by adding new machines, and continous R&D.

Amber is working towards incorporation Green Energy into its system as well. We have entered into a contract with a local company for installation and commissioning of a Solar Plant, giving us an out put of 240kW. That will give us a reliable, cheap and pollution free source of energy, and reduce the load on the national grid as well.

If you are currently working with us, we thank you. If you are new to us, please feel free to explore our site and familiarize yourself with our company and products. We will be happy to be of any assistance you may require during your decision making process.

Farhan Ata Arain