Motor Start Capacitors – Series MSC-Aluminium Body with Sleeve

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Application: Generally used in all such kind of motors(water pumps, water coolers, refrigerators) which need initial torque during startup phase, and disconnects when motor reaches near to its predetermined speed. Other uses are in coupling, DC blocking and bypass circuits.

Container: Aluminum Cans with Plastic caps/Rubber Bakelite caps.

Encapsulation Material:  Processed Bitumen with melting point 100°C.

Standard: IEC 60252-2

Rated Voltage*: 200-300 VAC, 50/60Hz.

Capacitance Range*: 21 to 1000 µF.

(*Custom designs are welcome)

Micro Farad

80-110, 138-182, 200-250, 250-300, 300-400, 400-450, 450-500