Power Factor Correction Capacitors-Series CI


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DESIGN / CONSTRUCTIONApplications:: Mainly used for indoor applications, to reduce the reactive power component of an AC circuit in order to improve its efficiency, reduces extra load, losses and current. These capacitors are especially suited for environments having consistently high temperature and high harmonic levels. Container: Enclosed in Cylindrical Aluminum Container with mounting stud at bottom. Encapsulation: Impregnated in biodegradable, non-polluting oil (non-P.C.B.) Conforming to: IEC 60831-1&2 (2014-03), ISO 9001:2015, IEEE – 831 Rated Voltage: 220~660 VAC, For other voltages, please inquire. kVAr Range: 1~50kVAr, For other voltages, please inquire. Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz. (As per customer requirement) No. of Phases: Available in Single as well as Three Phase Connection: Delta


400, 415, 440, 460


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